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Lil' Pandas (Ages 18 Months - 3 Years)

Our Lil' Pandas Program offers children, ages 18 months - 3 years, an opportunity to get a head start into the structure of our Mini Master Program.   In the Lil' Pandas class, your child will be building on gross motor skills, self-directed play skills, and listening skills, while playing games with the  Instructors.  

Martial Arts for MiniMasters
(Ages 3-6)

In our Mini-Master Program, your child will learn the basic body movements needed to perform Martial Arts. 

Your child will also learn when Self-Defense is necessary, how to perform punches, kicks, and defensive blocks, and necessary Life Skills.

Your child will develop Self-Discipline, learn to Focus and improve Coordination and Motor Skills.  

The physical workouts will help keep your child Strong and Healthy.

All While Having Fun!
Martial Arts For Juniors 
(Ages 6-12)

Our Juniors Program is geared toward children in those critical years, ages 6 through 12.

Involving children in activities such as Martial Arts during  the formative years, will contribute to their Physical, Intellectual, and Social Development.  Through this type of activity, children learn Team Work, Commitment, and Self-Discipline, all of which help them to cope with everyday life. 

Children learn to develop Respectful relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. 


Children who are involved in the Martial Arts also tend to do Better in School. Our Juniors Program not only teaches Self-Defense, but teaches children to develop Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, How to Avoid Bullies and learn to Focus so they will do better in school, and improve Coordination and Motor Skills, all while developing a Stronger and Healthier Body.

Martial Arts for Teens & Adults
 (Ages 13-17 / Ages 18+)

The Adult / Teen Program not only teaches students the art of Self Defense, but how to avoid physical confrontations in the first place by using proper body language and street awareness.  Students learn Respect, Self-Discipline and Self-Confidence.  With Martial Arts, students are less likely to be susceptible to peer pressure, while adults and teens learn to manage stress levels brought on by life's pressures.  Focusing helps students improve their grades in school which can strongly influence a child's overall success, while adults can perform better on the job and work towards their goals.


The daily workouts help to relieve stress brought on by our daily routines at home, work, or at school, and help maintain a strong and healthy body.

"I come to you with only Karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Karate,

my empty hands."   Ed Parker


Bedford Campus

John Stewart - Master

Our Master Instructor and owner, John Stewart, has been a practitioner of the Martial Arts since he was a child, and has been instructing since the age of 12.  Mr. Stewart graduated from Saint Anselm College in May, 2004, with a Degree in Criminal Justice.  Mr. Stewart was employed by the State of New Hampshire as a certified Police Officer, and as an Officer with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, Uniform Division. 

Mr. Stewart holds a top secret security clearance, and is a Certified Emergency Care Provider.  Mr. Stewart is also on the Board of Consultants with the Adaptive Martial Arts Association.

It is our Mission to make sure each student leaves class a better version of themselves.

Bedford Martial Arts Academy, a premier institution for the instruction of Martial Arts in Southern New Hampshire, offers an Adaptive Martial Arts Program.  Bedford Martial Arts Academy is committed to providing children with a well-rounded education which includes tolerance, respect, self-control, discipline, and coordination.

Bedford Martial Arts Academy understands that there are many families in the community struggling with Autism, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, as well as other cognitive disorders, auditory, sensory, physical disorders, and other special needs.  Bedford Martial Arts Academy has always provided children of all ages, an ability to learn how to function with these challenges, and improve through all aspects of martial arts.

Bedford Martial Arts Academy also understands that families who struggle with these challenges everyday can feel isolated from others.  This can have negative effects on all of the family members, and family friends.

Our Adaptive Martial Arts Program provides children with the above-mentioned challenges, a class in which to learn focus, self-control, discipline, coordination and respect in a fun and UNDERSTANDING atmosphere.  Children in the Adaptive Classes will learn self-defense techniques in an environment that promotes tolerance.  Our Instructors have plenty of patience.  During the Adaptive Program Class, parents will have the ability to interact with other families facing the same challenges every day, providing a great community for the entire family.


Bedford Martial Arts Academy is a Member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association. Mr. Stewart is a Consultant on the Adaptive Martial Arts Association Board.

Local writer Carrie Cariello brings her five children to Bedford Martial Arts Academy for classes. Her 8-year old son, Jack, has Autism, and has great success at his family class!  Read all about their experience in her weekly blog:  

Also check out Carrie's website 


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Would you Like to Enroll Your Child in an Elite After School Program?

In the ELITE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM, Your Child will Learn Practical Self-Defense Techniques; Have Their Snack Time;
Do Homework with Certified Teachers that Check Homework for Accuracy; and Finish Their Day with Lots of
Fun Games & Activities.


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Our Camps are Run by Certified Teachers and 
Highly Qualified Martial Arts Instructors.  

Our Vacation Camps are Fully Licensed by the State of New Hampshire Child Care Bureau             and Operate in a FUN Atmosphere.


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